5 Things You Can Do To Support The Homeless Community


As an issue that directly affects thousands of people in various locations, Strategies to End Homelessness coordinates homeless services daily. On the other hand, concerned citizens may not know where to begin.

In a culture of quick fixes and instant gratification, homelessness can appear impossible. However, homelessness is a problem that can be resolved through concerted group efforts. Together, small actions can have a significant impact.

Here are five ways to help today!

  1. Keep Yourself Informed!

Email is the most immediate – and cost-effective! – way to keep in touch with coordinated efforts to end homelessness, information on the important work being performed in one’s community, and ways to make a difference by joining organizations in the fight to end homelessness in one’s community.

  1. Know The Reasons For Homelessness

Homelessness doesn’t exist in a vacuum. And the majority of homeless individuals do not necessarily become homeless overnight. From our experience, most people who become homeless have multiple causes. Rather, a perfect storm of multiple complicated problems leads to homelessness.

Therefore, before attempting to solve homelessness, many must first comprehend and define it. Frequently, the many contributing factors are not what we would expect. Homelessness, for instance, is typically a short-term crisis (30-45 days), not a long-term circumstance. Youth are more susceptible to homelessness. 

  1. Provide Financial Assistance 

By donating a sum of any size, you ensure that your contribution goes precisely where it is most needed.

The primary funding source for the local homeless services system. Housing and Urban Development Department However, these funds are restricted to narrowly-defined uses. In order to strengthen our community’s response to homelessness, we turn to our supporters. Consider donating today! 

Your contribution will have an immediate and lasting impact on the homeless children, families, and individuals in our community. 

  1. Disseminate Knowledge and Educate Others 

Educate your friends and family about the realities of homelessness before doing anything else. Assist in dispelling myths and instructing them on how to combat homelessness. Your voice echoed throughout your social networks can have a significant impact on your peers and coworkers.

Small collective social actions are capable of altering the public perception, informing and influencing dialogue, and altering the law. 

  1. Contribute Your Time – Volunteer 

First and foremost, we encourage everyone in Greater Cincinnati to volunteer safely for one of our numerous partner organizations. Your time is one of the most valuable resources you can donate, whether you’re serving a meal at a shelter or sorting clothing. Volunteering connects you with your neighbors and community and facilitates the development of long-lasting relationships that aid in breaking the cycles of poverty and homelessness.

Without volunteers, organizations must also pay someone to prepare and serve meals. Consequently, reducing funding for helping people regain housing. Find an organization that piques your interest, such as working with homeless families with children, homeless veterans, or homeless youth, and reach out immediately! Oh, and bring a companion as well. 

While taking COVID-19 precautions, you should contact the organization of your choice to determine what assistance they require immediately.

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